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Receive Preventative Treatments and Discounted Service Rates for an Annual Fee

According to research, 89% of uninsured patients are interested in paying for quality dental care, but their first concern is the uncertainty of the cost of treatment. As a result, uninsured patients delay dental treatment until their oral health issue has progressed to a stage that simply can’t be ignored any longer — often resulting in more extensive treatment at a higher cost.

Dental memberships provide an alternative, offering treatment plans for uninsured patients at set, affordable rates.

Learn More About Lakeside Dental's Membership Plan

With a dental membership plan, an uninsured patients pays the dental practice a yearly membership fee for services that they can access at any time within the year, commencing on the date that they sign up for the plan.

Typically, a a membership card for one of the dental plans provided by your dental office gives patients access to standard preventative care, as well as discounts on other treatments.

Research shows that membership plan patients visit their dentist two to three times more, and receive up to 75% more treatment than uninsured patients.

Dental insurance plans work like health insurance: you or your employer pay a monthly premium. After the deductible is reached (if there is a deductible), the insurance pays all or part of your qualified dental expenses, up to a stated maximum. The insurance company generally pays the dentist directly for its share of your dental expenses, although some plans may require you to pay the entire dentist’s bill upfront and then seek reimbursement from the insurance plan.

With a dental membership plan, there is no middle party between you and your dentist. That means there are no deductibles or claim forms, no pre-authorization requirements or pre-existing condition limitations, and no yearly maximums or waiting periods. Uninsured patients simply receive immediate treatments and discounts for the clearly laid out services in their selected plan.

With dental discount plans, patients pay a third-party administrator a yearly fee to access discounted rates from a network of dentists. The third-party administrator selects the dentists in their network, controls pricing, and collects payments from patients. With a dental discount plan, you must obtain services from a dentist in the network, and conditions of the plan may be complicated.

With a dental membership plan, you choose the dentist you want to provide your dental treatment. Typically, this improves what dental practices call “case acceptance” — simply put, it means patients are more likely to get the treatment they need, and to follow their dentist’s recommendations when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene.

Benefits of Our Dental Membership Plan

At Lakeside Dental, your dental membership plan includes these benefits:

No deductibles. The entire cost of your selected treatment is covered.

No pre-authorization requirements. Anyone can sign up for one of our membership plans, any time they want.

No restrictions on start dates. You can join any day of the year.

Compare Plans

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES New Patient Exam Package Child Membership Plan Adult Membership Plan Periodontal Membership Plan
Yearly Cost $425 $625 $725 $1,200
One Consultation & Treatment Plan
One Comprehensive Exam
One Panoramic X-ray & CBCT
One Bitewing X-rays
Four Perio Maintenance Cleanings
2 Prophylaxis Cleanings
2 Routine Periodic Exams
2 Fluoride Varnish Treatments
Unlimited X-rays (Excluding Panoramic & CBCT)
One Emergency Visit (Exam Only)
15% Discount on additional treatment

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